5G NR RF -koulutus

Target group

  • People working with 5G New Radio (NR) RF measurements in R&D, production, test planning, testing and maintenance.


  • English or Finnish

Learning objectives:

  • After the training the participant can describe the structure of 5G NR RF signal and is able to measure its quality.   

Max. number of participants

  • 10 (12), depending availability of the measurement instruments. Mainly Rohde & Schwarz measurement instruments are used.

Duration: 2 days

Location: Mutually agreed


  • 5G New Radio development (specs etc.), Outlook towards 6G
  • 5G NR RF signal (CP-OFDM, (DFT-S-OFDM), Frequency bands, Carrier Aggregation, Channel bandwidths, Modulations, MIMO, TDD vs. FDD, Subc. Spacings, Slot durations, Frame and Slot strucures, Carrier Bandwidth Part, Resource Block types, Transmission Bandwidths, CORESET, Initial Access procedure, etc.
  • Measurements; Conducted vs. Radiated, i.e. OTA measurements for Active Antenna Arrays, Uncertainty in OTA measurements
  • 3GPP Conformance Testing procedures for NR Base Station
  • Manufacturer’s Declarations
  • Tests signals (Test Models and Fixed Reference Channels)
  • Test Setup and Measurement points
  • TX Measurements (Power, ON/OFF power, Signal quality, OBW, ACLR, Operating band Unwanted emissions, Spurious, Intermodulation)
  • RX Measurements (Sensitivity, Reference sensitivity level, Dynamic range, In- and Out-of-band Selectivity and Blocking, Receiver Spurious, Receiver Intermodulation, In-channel Selectivity)
  • Half of the training time appropriate practical exercises are performed to achieve deeper understanding of the features of 5G New Radio RF signal.
  • In measurements exercises and demonstrations a real RF signal of 5G Base Station or Mobile device is used or a RF signal that is based on their I/Q data.
  • RF Signal generators used can be e.g. Rohde & Schwarz SMW200A or SMBV100B.  
    Signal and spectrum analysis is performed with FSW and FSV30xx instruments.